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imac with Breaking Your Food Addictions video
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Breaking Your Food Addictions (Digital Video & PDF)

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This presentation was originally delivered as part of NeuroTrition Conference 2017. Upon purchase, you will receive a digital download of the video presentation (including an audience Q&A with NeuroTrition Founder Orsha Magyar and each speaker) in mp4 format along with a PDF copy of the speaker’s presentation.

Are you constantly craving junk food? Does eating that one donut or potato chip open the door to an all night binge on unhealthy foods? Wish you were stronger? Don’t! It’s not about willpower. The solution is all in your brain.  

In this provocative video, hosted by NeuroTrition’s Dr. Stephanie Borgland, you’ll learn what makes a food seductive and how eating certain foods can rewire our brain circuits. Understand why just putting down your fork isn’t enough to overcome food addictions. You’ll also leave this talk with more information about dopamine’s role in your body, get the straight dope on sugar and leave with clear strategies to inhibit our all-too-human inclinations to over-eat. 

Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Borgland, PhD

  • Member of the Royal Society of Canada
  • Associate Professor, Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary
  • Canadian Association for Neuroscience Young Investigator of the Year (2016)

Time of program: 42:39